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Real-time online video calls with chat

Auditorium Systems understands that video calls are invaluable for quick remote connections.Our group video calls make it easier for you to connect with up to 250 people and collaborate online. With Auditorium Systems interactive video chatting feature, you can easily plan and host live video calls with your colleagues in no time.

Make lasting connections with live video calls

No matter how far away you are, catch up via live video calls and don't miss the enthusiasm of meeting in person. Auditorium Systems intuitive video calling software makes it possible for you to have immersive online conversations and redefine your virtual meeting experience.


Auditorium Systems

Live video chat
for all occasions

Auditorium Systems free video chat app lets you connect with your peers remotely on all occasions. Our live video chat feature provides seamless connectivity making sure that place and time are no barriers to get in touch with the team.

Auditorium Systems

Enhance your online user experience with our live video call app

Auditorium Systems video call app helps you connect more efficiently with your remote teams. Here's a list of additional features in Auditorium Systems free online meeting app that'll help level up your online collaboration:

Audio conferencing

Collaborate with your team remotely and experience stress-free meetings using Auditorium Systems audio conferencing technology. Conduct audio-only meetings and enable your video feed when required.

Video conferencing

Auditorium Systems video conferencing app helps you collaborate with your peers on the go from anywhere at any time. Conduct interactive video meetings in real time using video, audio, and screen sharing.

Screen sharing

Share your entire screen or only a select app window with your meeting participants. By sharing only an app window, the rest of your screen—including the apps you use, your wallpaper, or any open browser tabs—will not be visible to others in your meeting, so you can share screen online without worrying about privacy.

Session recording

Record, replay, and share the recording of your meeting to refer to anything that was discussed during your video call. Remember and note the steps involved in your team's plan of action. Play recordings online, share them with anyone you want, or download them to your computer for future use.

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